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So, maybe I just haven't read enough of your posts, but I don't see what exactly about bisexuality you seem to so strongly disagree about. You have called it "liesexuality" and said that there are "no real bisexuals" in the world in your userinfo.
So, just hear me out. I'm a male, and I'm going to describe to you the basis of which I came to the conclusion of my bisexuality.

So with guys, it's not really that difficult to tell when you're sexually attracted to something. Your boners are a pretty fuckin foolproof way to see what yanks your crank. If heterosexuality is the exclusive sexual attraction to the opposite sex, and homosexuality is the exclusive sexual attraction to the same sex, I happen to know, for a fact, and have seen it proven many many times to me, that I'm not exclusively sexually attracted to either sex in particular. If I'm in the mood, gay porn will get me off, other times I would rather go for some straight porn. Gangbanging or just normal straight porn of a straight couple fucking can do wonders no matter what mood I'm in. They all work fine for me. I judge if guys around me are hot, I judge if girls around me are hot. No matter what they label themselves they seem to go with me either way.

So in fact, going by my past experiences, I would say the opposite of what most say. That most human beings are generally bisexual to some extent. Fuck Kinsey, fuck modern sexologists, this is just a general observation of my environment. Especially with guys. Granted, many times I'm just their "guinea pig" or so they say, but they were able to get it up. Now you could say, "well, just because you sometimes get a boner looking at a provocative pic of a guy in a speedo ad, doesn't necessarily make you bisexual if you already know that you get off a lot on provocatively dressed chicks." BULL FUCKING SHIT. Please. Cut the crap. You may prefer the emotional connection you have with women, or the sexual one, but you still have that tiny bit of an affection for men like yourself. And yes, I'm speaking specifically to men. Because fuck, the only way I could tell how a woman gets off on something would be if I were a woman myself. Which I'm not.
So, that itty bit of an affection you may have for the same sex, the occasional boner you pop when seeing a ripped, tanned, photoshopped australian surfer with shaggy blond hair at the beach, that is an indication of your bisexuality. You don't have to LIVE the same kind of bisexual lifestyle that I do, nor do you even have to fuckin LABEL yourself as bisexual just because of this occasional dick raising some dude might give you. But you can't say that bisexuality does not exist in any form.

And as far as bisexual chicks go, I don't really give a shit. Just as long as they still like guys. It's all I have to worry about.
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