Reo (reo_the_eagle) wrote in anti_bisexual,

So Aight. This may not belong

I got into a conversation with a very racist black man the other day. After calling him black, he deemed me a racist. So I asked what I was, he said I was white. Not getting my point I had to correct him.
"I am a Slovenian, my people have been enslaved for 8-10,000 years. Yours for a mere, 300 or so. The word slave does NOT originate from the Nigga, it derives from the word Slav, which are the people of the Balkans. But that doesn't matter either, because if it was a contest, my people would win. But I wasn't enslaved nor were you"
To make a long story short, he shut the fuck up.
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This doesn't belong but your sexual orientation involves fucking birds so you're definitely welcome if only because we find the fact that people like you exist hilarious.
Maybe you should be discussing this with my friends, hitlersangels.
Fuck, the Nazis fucking hated the Slavs. Fuck that shit, they treated us like shit and ocassionally worse than the Russians. =\
The Slavs were just ASKING for it! 0:-)
Well, you both hate blacks, so what the hell? I think they hate blacks more than Slavs, so it sounds like a match to me.
But I'm not a racist, o.o.
I hate every race equally.
most of the things you say are very cliche and trite but i am beginning to fucking adore you
my people have been enslaved for 8-10,000 years

man, sux to be you
Negroes. They seem to think that being enslaved makes them incapable of doing wrong. 9_9
Can you believe that they're still whining about that? I mean, it's been almost 150 years now. All the slave-owners are dead. All the SLAVES are dead. Now it's bitch-bitch-bitch, "my people are in chains," blah, blah, blah.

God, are we going to have to listen to teh J005 for the next 100 years too?!
This probably doesn't belong, but it's a good story anyway.
But that doesn't matter either, because if it was a contest, my people would win.

I think your people win because you're white.
But certainly not "Aryan"
We're at the fucking bottom of the food chain to the Nazis.
Also I'm a fag, so that also means I'm pretty close to the bottom of the food chain to Nazis too.
i thnk u r fag
AND FURTHERMORE you desire sex with eagles and, thus, will be slated for vital-fluid extraction when teh rev0lution comes
Cock > Pussy.
It's pretty fucking obvious. I'm sorry but cunt looks like a fucking fleshwound.
Shut the fuck up furry:

He's a feathery. Quite far gone.
If you know the difference, than you should be scared.