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bisexual more like liesexual am i rite [entries|friends|calendar]
Man, I hate bisexuals

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[12th April 2009|12:23pm]

i am really pissed off that all of you brought my mother into this by calling her ugly. what did she ever do to you? also, i do have a degree in psychology that i earned online so you can't say that my psychology is amateur b/c it's not. your all probably pissed off because i wasn't molested by a priest when i was lil like all you special buddies were.

just face it, i'm right and your not so fuck off.
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[11th April 2009|10:44am]

 i am deeply disgusted by this fucking community. i can't believe people are still thinking this way in the 21st century. i think a lot of it is b/c you guys are jealous that you'll never feel the love of both sexes, and that it would somehow threaten your manhood to have another man attracted to you. 

your all petty jealous people and i hope you all grow the fuck up someday and get the fucking professional help you all need. i am in a loving relationship with both a man and a woman and my life is so much better with them. i have equal attraction to both of them. motherfuckers.
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Just dropping a line...or many [24th February 2009|11:13pm]

This isn't actually flaming:

You can measure what sexually arouses people, but you can't measure sexuality. Anything provided here is not enough to nullify the common acceptance of bisexuality as real.

The same goes for evolution. When there is enough evidence compiled against it, that is when we will have disproved it.

I'm not saying this isn't still highly debatable; it is, but it seems like you're meddling in something that shouldn't concern you. It's their own life; why the fuck do you give a damn? Another analogy: if you don't want gay marriage then don't get one.

I was going to mention Bonobos, but then I'd have to get into the genetic complexity of relation and how this also effects sexual-social-behaviour. And frankly, you guys can do the research yourselves. For some simplified information about genetics in relation to homosexuality and bisexuality, I highly suggest Psychology: Themes and Variations by Weiten and McCann. They simplify LH and many of the studies done on homosexuals, heterosexuals, extreme homophobic-"heterosexuals" and bisecxuals. =]
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More Sites and Groups Please [29th August 2007|4:34pm]
Hello there,

Can anyone help me please.  I was just wodnering if any of you know of any other anti-bisexual groups or websites that i could visit to learn more about why Lesbians hate bi-sexual women and how common this is?  Your help would be greatly appreciated! Also, are any of you from the UK?  Please leave a responce?  Thanks.
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Question: [22nd July 2007|7:21pm]
OK folks. What are your feelings on asexuals? As in people who don't want to have sex, ever.
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[10th July 2007|5:22pm]

I don't want to seem like I'm bragging or anything here, but does anyone else realize how easy it is to break so-called "bisexual" relationships up?

Just this weekend, a few minutes after hearing about how much she "loved" her "bisexual" girlfriend, I hooked up with some chick a few yards away from said "girlfriend" and now I hear she's planning to break up with her to further pursue me.

And it's happened before to me, several times, and I've heard of over 10 other instances in which this has happened to my friends!

Obviously, I'm not just inordinately charming over here. Some real ogres have broken these things up. Obviously "bisexual" women are lying and when faced with the possibility of perpetuating the species versus continuing their facade, they always go for the cock!
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Introduction [3rd July 2007|12:21pm]

I will now start with the words of typical, mindless sheep!

This place is biphobic. I can’t believe this kind of community actually exists. I just wonder how any queer person should be comfortable here. Anyone who disagrees with me is a delusional, intolerant fundamentalist.
(I did not quote it. I was inspired to write it, after one “bisexual” flamer posted something similar.)

I know I should have posted this before posting comments.

Well, I joined anti_bisexual because I actually agree with this community. In fact, I like this community. It's hilarious! It also teaches you a thing or two about the idiocy of most people.

In my opinion, bisexuality is both existent and non-existent. Some people with similar views might say, “You could be gay or straight, but not in between.” I disagree. It is possible to have exactly or something close to a 50/50 attraction for both genders, but it is rare. Just because it is rare does not mean that it does not exist. That, my friends, is "real bisexuality," not the stuff you usually see online, in most people, and in the media. This is the type of attraction where someone is capable of coping with the different styles, emotions, and ways of being that come with males and females. Yes, each gender generally behaves differently. There are similarities here and there, but there are obvious differences, besides the penis and the vagina.

Unfortunately, bisexual might not be an accurate term for the 50/50 people. A term as simple as bisexual was constantly abused by many people.

The problem is that most self-identified bisexuals don’t even have a 50/50 attraction for men and women. Most of them supposedly like both genders but "prefer" one over the other. Because of this, the sexuality itself is a vague way to describe someone. If you "prefer" one gender over the other, you are homosexual or heterosexual; nothing else, nothing more. I know some people would want to kill my view with Alfred Kinsey’s scale (the "sexuality is fluid" idea). Little do they know that it actually defends my argument! You see, Dr Kinsey actually tells us that sexuality can be exclusive, predominant, or equal. He uses the terms heterosexual and homosexual to describe this. Many people have a small degree of attraction for the gender they are generally not attracted to, hence the phrase "a bit bi." That is normal. If you read a good psychology book, they will mention that. For example, many heterosexual men are occasionally aroused by gay sexual activity, and that is fine. He is still heterosexual. He does not like men as much as he likes women. His love for women is generally overwhelming. Therefore, he cannot be “bisexual.” This also applies to those who might be really aroused by the same sex, most likely along with the opposite sex. They are still not “bisexual.” If they have no genuine attraction for the same sex, but are glad to date a member of the opposite sex, they are still heterosexual. Emotions, like sexual and physical attractions, also apply to a person’s sexual orientation.

If most people in the world are “bi” in some way, then bisexuality should not be a legitimate orientation. The idea itself should not even exist. Something common in most people should not be distinguished with its own terms.

All of this brings me to my stance on teenage and college-aged “bisexuals.” Most of them are a joke—a joke created by modern society. This sounds contradictory; I am an adolescent. I am only sixteen. Who is going to take me seriously? Well, I think people should take me seriously—this time, at least. My age is an advantage, because I am able to face these things in school or even within myself.

Many young people have a very fluid sexuality, especially in this time period. This is the time where the media and society has finally started to accept gays. It went up to the point that gays and lesbians are practically worshipped by straight and non-straight people alike. We also make a big fuss over "coming out of the closet." Everything here causes us to blindly accept gays without criticism. I think this is the reason why many people, even adults, quickly accept teens who come out as "gay" or even "bi." They're too afraid of hurting them. Think of the "suicide in an intolerant society" idea. This is what must be running through many people's heads. It's okay to be critical, but most people today are too emotional to handle that.

Mix that acceptance with the modern teenage mind. The teenager is typically curious and/or impulsive. They like rebelling against authority, normality, you name it. They also face confusion, which leads them to the gay/"bi" phase. Many of them find out their attraction to the same sex, and soon after that, they automatically announce it to the world. It's a very foolish thing to do. Many of them then realize they were actually straight in the long run. The "gay" thing was just based on confusion and experimentation.

The best thing to do is not to label yourself at this age. This labelling thing can also apply to other issues. Because of that, you should forget about finding a word that identifies you. Just live life and learn from it. Labels or no labels, you'll still develop an identity.

I hope this post doesn't sound incoherent. It's pretty hard to put many ideas into words.

With previous posts, I think some people have come to think of me as one of those "liberals--" basically the typical liberal. In my time here, I'm generally criticizing them. They are the ones who generally kiss liesexual ass. And they're a bit too emotional for me.

In other words, I'm on your side.

I know I made a tl;dr-type post. I just wanted to post my opinions, even if it's pretty long.
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[30th June 2007|10:49pm]

why does gender have to be a factor in ones partner at all?

to say that one will only date men or only date women then brings up the question; what defines a man or a woman? is it simply genetalia? or is it gender identity.. and as for the people who fall into a grey area of gender queer or intersexed, are they just off limits for dating?
thats bullshit. for all your pretencious assumptions and ageist rantings and generalizations you haven't even defined what qualifies one as a particular sex. what does it matter that i have been out since middle school? what does it matter than i have dated men, women and in between simply because i love people. i'm most certaintly not a lesbian and have never claimed to be one.. but i have also never once thought of myself as straight and couldnt stand the thought of being told i was. "pick a side!" why? so i can fit into a gender and sexual binary that makes YOU more comfortable?
lie-sexuals? that's cute, very cute. i hope you are very proud to have enter leagues with those who chant "adam and eve, not adam and steve!".
of course if you would like to bring up my age, a meer 19 years old, i could introduce you to my mother. 52, bisexual and married for 27 years. she has had no extra-marital affairs despite your seemingly constant assertions that bisexual people are polyamorous.
it is not who you have sex with that determines your sexuality, though it can be indicative of it.. so i have had sex with men and women and an FTM.. what does that make me? confused?
fuck that, i know what i am, i fight for the right to marry the person i love along side you and you can't even give me the decency of acknowledgement? i fight for your rights and you dont believe that i excist? maybe bisexuality would have more validity to you if you hadn't come out as bisexual before you had the balls to come out as gay? who's the liar there? that's bullshit.
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[3rd June 2007|3:18am]

Bisexuals speed the AIDS epidemic because they have both sexes on their mind, carrying it between their sames to opposites, right?

Oh yeah, and here's a free toy:

Bisexuality is Real stupid fence-sitting bullshit designed to garner more pity for the GLBT Hoohah.
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So Aight. This may not belong [29th May 2007|7:36pm]

I got into a conversation with a very racist black man the other day. After calling him black, he deemed me a racist. So I asked what I was, he said I was white. Not getting my point I had to correct him.
"I am a Slovenian, my people have been enslaved for 8-10,000 years. Yours for a mere, 300 or so. The word slave does NOT originate from the Nigga, it derives from the word Slav, which are the people of the Balkans. But that doesn't matter either, because if it was a contest, my people would win. But I wasn't enslaved nor were you"
To make a long story short, he shut the fuck up.
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[19th May 2007|12:14am]

Join antiwigger.
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Alright [6th May 2007|11:41am]

So, maybe I just haven't read enough of your posts, but I don't see what exactly about bisexuality you seem to so strongly disagree about. You have called it "liesexuality" and said that there are "no real bisexuals" in the world in your userinfo.
So, just hear me out. I'm a male, and I'm going to describe to you the basis of which I came to the conclusion of my bisexuality.

So with guys, it's not really that difficult to tell when you're sexually attracted to something. Your boners are a pretty fuckin foolproof way to see what yanks your crank. If heterosexuality is the exclusive sexual attraction to the opposite sex, and homosexuality is the exclusive sexual attraction to the same sex, I happen to know, for a fact, and have seen it proven many many times to me, that I'm not exclusively sexually attracted to either sex in particular. If I'm in the mood, gay porn will get me off, other times I would rather go for some straight porn. Gangbanging or just normal straight porn of a straight couple fucking can do wonders no matter what mood I'm in. They all work fine for me. I judge if guys around me are hot, I judge if girls around me are hot. No matter what they label themselves they seem to go with me either way.

So in fact, going by my past experiences, I would say the opposite of what most say. That most human beings are generally bisexual to some extent. Fuck Kinsey, fuck modern sexologists, this is just a general observation of my environment. Especially with guys. Granted, many times I'm just their "guinea pig" or so they say, but they were able to get it up. Now you could say, "well, just because you sometimes get a boner looking at a provocative pic of a guy in a speedo ad, doesn't necessarily make you bisexual if you already know that you get off a lot on provocatively dressed chicks." BULL FUCKING SHIT. Please. Cut the crap. You may prefer the emotional connection you have with women, or the sexual one, but you still have that tiny bit of an affection for men like yourself. And yes, I'm speaking specifically to men. Because fuck, the only way I could tell how a woman gets off on something would be if I were a woman myself. Which I'm not.
So, that itty bit of an affection you may have for the same sex, the occasional boner you pop when seeing a ripped, tanned, photoshopped australian surfer with shaggy blond hair at the beach, that is an indication of your bisexuality. You don't have to LIVE the same kind of bisexual lifestyle that I do, nor do you even have to fuckin LABEL yourself as bisexual just because of this occasional dick raising some dude might give you. But you can't say that bisexuality does not exist in any form.

And as far as bisexual chicks go, I don't really give a shit. Just as long as they still like guys. It's all I have to worry about.
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Really? [13th April 2007|12:28pm]

We may like to joke around a lot and participate in trollish behavior, but this isn't really a joke community.

I find that hard to believe. The opinions expressed here seem so over the top it's difficult to accept that anyone actually thinks this way.

We all hate the inane, long-lived trend of high school sluts parading themselves around as bisexual and making out with their female friends to attract attention from guys,

I came out as bisexual when I was 25, long after highschool, long after I cared about getting attention from guys.

Read more...Collapse )
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LULZ! This community is FAEK! [25th February 2007|11:44pm]
Mkay, this is really dumb. Me even typing this, and reading this, it's jaw droppingly dumb.

Some basic questions you should answer: Have you ever read any book, attended any lecture, or taken any course, by anyone who was formally educated in the field of neurophysiology and/or psychological analysis? Are you an individual who is formally educated in the field of neurophysiology and/or psychological analysis? Can you somehow mentally link with another human being?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is no, then stfu. If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions...

...The basic arguments as I see them for both sides are basically flawed because of the subjectivity of the very definition of the language being used. How no one sees this already and found this community to be utterly futile is retarded. Full on, wheel chair bound, drooling, gurgling...retarded.

The anti-bisexuals are saying people can't be allowed to on a whim choose to have sex with someone unless that someone is the same gender as all their previous partners. Bull cocky. If they aren't saying that, they are saying it's just a phase. Stop and think for a minute. Either life is a series of phases, or there is no such thing as phases, or it's all just one giant phase. In any case, you aren't a Vulcan (mind melding ability) so stfu.

The pro-bisexuals are saying--it really doesn't fucking matter what the fuck pro-bisexuals say because they are all fucking retarded too. Full on, handi cap parking, special Olympics, Carlos Mencia and Dane Cook, retarded.

It's true they are attention whores, cutters, emo goths, non conformists, vegan, communists blah blah blah, so fucking what? You used to be one of them, and now that you've grown out of it, you can't stand to see anyone relive the vomit eating stupidity you once suffered (and to some degree continue to suffer (actually, to a very large degree)).

Speaking for the bisexuals, nothing is black and white...well no duh you stupid bisexual retard. Everyone already knows that. The anti bisexuals have to hear it every five seconds like it was a reggaeton song (if you live in a Hispanic neighborhood) or a Phil Collins song (if you work in a hellhole like I do).

Here's an original argument:
People who say "bi sexual are not real cuz there liek in denial and i am gay and i used to be bisexual but i know it was stupid now because now i know im totally gay so like i cant imagine ever lieking someone who was the opposite sex LULZ" sound about as dumb as Kent Hovind who believes dragons and unicorns exist and that the earth is only about 6000 years old. Your evidence is flawed, or you have no evidence to speak of, except for you own personal opinion.

Now, I admit, I am a fucking retarded bisexual too ZOMFG!one, but, I do realize that people over time graduate to more elaborate and differentiated fantasies and types of arousal. I AM a virgin (whoa) and although I may never have known what it's like to have a penis in my mouth or my penis in a vagina, such facts are inconsequential. The label I wish to place upon myself when no other such label exists that would be more appropriate SHOULD be "bisexual" even though I've vowed to a life of celibacy (because let's face it, who would ever want to lay in bed with a blob like me? amirite?), I will probably never know for a fact whether or not I'm really gay straight or bi. Well why the fuck do you HAVE to know in the first place?

That brings me to the whole genesis of what this dumb dumb dumb fucking community is about. Life is an ambiguous mess with no truly infallible guides. Human beings fear the ambiguous. We fear the unknown. If anything is deemed "unknowable", anyone who would dare probe is seen as insane or just stupid, like a Eve in the garden of Eden. So it's only natural that many humans would want to quickly generalize and define everything. For anything to be in a grey area means for it to be dangerous or threatening. That's why so many people hate bisexuals. To that I say, let some things be bi. Let some things be some of the way one way and more of the way another way. It's not bothering you the same way you being gay is bothering straight people. Nothing about human conditions are legitimate. Even if they're not, you can't even begin to prove it, especially not by pointing to only the most sophomoric examples of kids being horny experimental losers.

Well, you're right to hate attention whoring teenage girls, and spring break lesbians, but fuck, you were just as gullible at some point. You realized it was stupid and may have decided (for now) that you only like one specific gender type. That don't fuckin' necessarily mean that someone who can't decide or wont decide on a single gender is FAEK.
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[3rd January 2007|10:59pm]

To further pwn the sluttery of the obese, I've pioneered an LJ first once again: anti_polyamory.
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Tumbleweed... [22nd December 2006|5:15pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I was considering leaving this community on the basis that I am now dating a rather bisexual woman, but with one of the moderator's being self-confessed bisexual I thought, why skip out on the lulz?

This place is dead, give me some drama.

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[21st December 2006|11:33am]

I'm a lesbian and bisexual women frustrate the crap out of me. They just haven't figured out their preference or they are just cheesy and trying to get attention. I won't date them. I may sleep with them and be friends with them but that's it! I don't hate them but I hate the "trend". I catch a lot of shit for having this opinion but seriously being gay REALLY is not easy and you have to take all the good and bad that comes with it. You can't pick and choose how gay you want to be. I do believe in Alfred Kinsey but I also believe in Camille Paglia. It's complex but I prefer not to give much credit to anyone under 30 and I'm sure no one here is over 30 besides me. *shrug* I do agree with you however.
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[2nd December 2006|1:47am]

hey, if i watch porn where two men are doinking a chick, and one dude's balls touch another dude's leg at the point at which i orgasm... does that make me bi?
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Boy Oh Boy [19th October 2006|2:10pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

Well, this has been a long time coming.

I've joined and am posting using an old account - the new one is Pwnie, should you ever feel the need to add or contact me. The reason I desire anonymity is because my boyfriend believes he is bisexual. I'm pretty sure if he ever sees this it will probably mean the end of our relationship.

Regardless, this is a topic that he refuses to discuss and I need an outlet for it or I'm bound to go mad. I am female and have been in a relationship with this boy - we are both seventeen - for six years now.

First, I'm curious as to why there are so many posts here and elsewhere about the bisexual and bi-curious fads among females, while little or no attention is paid to that of males? I don't believe bisexuality is a legitimate orientation and, even if I'm incorrect, I don't believe my partner is right about his orientation.

He exhibits most of the characteristics typical of our generation - piercings, anarchist, drug use, drinking, alternative music and clothing, elitist attitude, love of Japculture [manga, anime], use of the [best] internet and technology, atheist, 'mental illness' and so on.

He is a real pessimist, seems to be somewhat of a sheep - even though, ironically, he tries his hardest to be different - and I think he imagines a lot of his own ailments, sexuality included.

When we met, I was dating an older fellow, who I left for my current boyfriend. Although Guy A was heterosexual, he and my new beau hit it off famously. For fear that I would be left by both of them, I suggested we try some sort of polyamory. It worked, for a while, but the jealousy was too much and I cracked under the pressure. After an awful month or so I made Guy B choose between us.

A lot of people have had crushes on my BF, including his male friends. I have even been threatened with death for 'opressing' my BF. He has dated one other female, while we were on a break. He looks at gay pornography and he has 'accidentally' kissed a male schoolmate of his while we were together.

He refuses to 'come out' to his parents but makes a point of telling everyone he knows - friends, siblings - that he is, in fact, not heterosexual. I can't help but believe that this is just a sad and unfortunate case of his wanting to fit in. I love him in most other aspects (with the exception of his pessimism, substance use and lack of education).

I fear I will never be able to marry or sustain a long term relationship with him if he can't make up his mind, though, and it's approaching the point where we move in together or move on.

Any tips? Please help.

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If you have Myspace [8th October 2006|3:45am]



For great justice.
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