Leviath (leviath) wrote in anti_bisexual,

LULZ! This community is FAEK!

Mkay, this is really dumb. Me even typing this, and reading this, it's jaw droppingly dumb.

Some basic questions you should answer: Have you ever read any book, attended any lecture, or taken any course, by anyone who was formally educated in the field of neurophysiology and/or psychological analysis? Are you an individual who is formally educated in the field of neurophysiology and/or psychological analysis? Can you somehow mentally link with another human being?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is no, then stfu. If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions...

...The basic arguments as I see them for both sides are basically flawed because of the subjectivity of the very definition of the language being used. How no one sees this already and found this community to be utterly futile is retarded. Full on, wheel chair bound, drooling, gurgling...retarded.

The anti-bisexuals are saying people can't be allowed to on a whim choose to have sex with someone unless that someone is the same gender as all their previous partners. Bull cocky. If they aren't saying that, they are saying it's just a phase. Stop and think for a minute. Either life is a series of phases, or there is no such thing as phases, or it's all just one giant phase. In any case, you aren't a Vulcan (mind melding ability) so stfu.

The pro-bisexuals are saying--it really doesn't fucking matter what the fuck pro-bisexuals say because they are all fucking retarded too. Full on, handi cap parking, special Olympics, Carlos Mencia and Dane Cook, retarded.

It's true they are attention whores, cutters, emo goths, non conformists, vegan, communists blah blah blah, so fucking what? You used to be one of them, and now that you've grown out of it, you can't stand to see anyone relive the vomit eating stupidity you once suffered (and to some degree continue to suffer (actually, to a very large degree)).

Speaking for the bisexuals, nothing is black and white...well no duh you stupid bisexual retard. Everyone already knows that. The anti bisexuals have to hear it every five seconds like it was a reggaeton song (if you live in a Hispanic neighborhood) or a Phil Collins song (if you work in a hellhole like I do).

Here's an original argument:
People who say "bi sexual are not real cuz there liek in denial and i am gay and i used to be bisexual but i know it was stupid now because now i know im totally gay so like i cant imagine ever lieking someone who was the opposite sex LULZ" sound about as dumb as Kent Hovind who believes dragons and unicorns exist and that the earth is only about 6000 years old. Your evidence is flawed, or you have no evidence to speak of, except for you own personal opinion.

Now, I admit, I am a fucking retarded bisexual too ZOMFG!one, but, I do realize that people over time graduate to more elaborate and differentiated fantasies and types of arousal. I AM a virgin (whoa) and although I may never have known what it's like to have a penis in my mouth or my penis in a vagina, such facts are inconsequential. The label I wish to place upon myself when no other such label exists that would be more appropriate SHOULD be "bisexual" even though I've vowed to a life of celibacy (because let's face it, who would ever want to lay in bed with a blob like me? amirite?), I will probably never know for a fact whether or not I'm really gay straight or bi. Well why the fuck do you HAVE to know in the first place?

That brings me to the whole genesis of what this dumb dumb dumb fucking community is about. Life is an ambiguous mess with no truly infallible guides. Human beings fear the ambiguous. We fear the unknown. If anything is deemed "unknowable", anyone who would dare probe is seen as insane or just stupid, like a Eve in the garden of Eden. So it's only natural that many humans would want to quickly generalize and define everything. For anything to be in a grey area means for it to be dangerous or threatening. That's why so many people hate bisexuals. To that I say, let some things be bi. Let some things be some of the way one way and more of the way another way. It's not bothering you the same way you being gay is bothering straight people. Nothing about human conditions are legitimate. Even if they're not, you can't even begin to prove it, especially not by pointing to only the most sophomoric examples of kids being horny experimental losers.

Well, you're right to hate attention whoring teenage girls, and spring break lesbians, but fuck, you were just as gullible at some point. You realized it was stupid and may have decided (for now) that you only like one specific gender type. That don't fuckin' necessarily mean that someone who can't decide or wont decide on a single gender is FAEK.
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