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We may like to joke around a lot and participate in trollish behavior, but this isn't really a joke community.

I find that hard to believe. The opinions expressed here seem so over the top it's difficult to accept that anyone actually thinks this way.

We all hate the inane, long-lived trend of high school sluts parading themselves around as bisexual and making out with their female friends to attract attention from guys,

I came out as bisexual when I was 25, long after highschool, long after I cared about getting attention from guys.

or to feel "in" with the gay community,

If you are a member of the GLBT community, I'm sure you know that often the G&L contingent mistrusts the B&Ts, so again, if impressing gay people was the goal of being a bisexual, we may as well just have come out as gay.

Some of us take it further and think that bisexuality is a fake orientation, period, and that it is extremely rare ( < 1%)

I'm assuming you mean 1%<. Regardless, I'm wondering where you got these numbers?

that a person would truly love and get sexual pleasure from men and women, equally, 50/50.

That's not really relevant. All relationships have varying degrees of both affection and sexual satisfaction. This is true no matter the genders of the people in these relationships.

holding hands and kissing isn't being "bisexual." You've gotta get in there and do the deed.

Yeah? Says who? Are you going to tell me that a 15 year old boy and girl who walk around holding hands,and engaging in prolonged make-out sessions aren't straight just because they aren't having intercourse?

Any group of bisexuals will generally be a sorry crowd with one unifying characteristic: they're fucking ugly and can't get any, so they're forced into what they claim is bisexuality as a way of increasing their dismal chances.

Oh, nice one guys. You don't really believe that, do you? I'm sure you have seen people whom you find unattractive sustain stable and loving relationships. This is what I mean when I say this community's description is over the top.

Though I guess by now you know that.
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