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I will now start with the words of typical, mindless sheep!

This place is biphobic. I can’t believe this kind of community actually exists. I just wonder how any queer person should be comfortable here. Anyone who disagrees with me is a delusional, intolerant fundamentalist.
(I did not quote it. I was inspired to write it, after one “bisexual” flamer posted something similar.)

I know I should have posted this before posting comments.

Well, I joined anti_bisexual because I actually agree with this community. In fact, I like this community. It's hilarious! It also teaches you a thing or two about the idiocy of most people.

In my opinion, bisexuality is both existent and non-existent. Some people with similar views might say, “You could be gay or straight, but not in between.” I disagree. It is possible to have exactly or something close to a 50/50 attraction for both genders, but it is rare. Just because it is rare does not mean that it does not exist. That, my friends, is "real bisexuality," not the stuff you usually see online, in most people, and in the media. This is the type of attraction where someone is capable of coping with the different styles, emotions, and ways of being that come with males and females. Yes, each gender generally behaves differently. There are similarities here and there, but there are obvious differences, besides the penis and the vagina.

Unfortunately, bisexual might not be an accurate term for the 50/50 people. A term as simple as bisexual was constantly abused by many people.

The problem is that most self-identified bisexuals don’t even have a 50/50 attraction for men and women. Most of them supposedly like both genders but "prefer" one over the other. Because of this, the sexuality itself is a vague way to describe someone. If you "prefer" one gender over the other, you are homosexual or heterosexual; nothing else, nothing more. I know some people would want to kill my view with Alfred Kinsey’s scale (the "sexuality is fluid" idea). Little do they know that it actually defends my argument! You see, Dr Kinsey actually tells us that sexuality can be exclusive, predominant, or equal. He uses the terms heterosexual and homosexual to describe this. Many people have a small degree of attraction for the gender they are generally not attracted to, hence the phrase "a bit bi." That is normal. If you read a good psychology book, they will mention that. For example, many heterosexual men are occasionally aroused by gay sexual activity, and that is fine. He is still heterosexual. He does not like men as much as he likes women. His love for women is generally overwhelming. Therefore, he cannot be “bisexual.” This also applies to those who might be really aroused by the same sex, most likely along with the opposite sex. They are still not “bisexual.” If they have no genuine attraction for the same sex, but are glad to date a member of the opposite sex, they are still heterosexual. Emotions, like sexual and physical attractions, also apply to a person’s sexual orientation.

If most people in the world are “bi” in some way, then bisexuality should not be a legitimate orientation. The idea itself should not even exist. Something common in most people should not be distinguished with its own terms.

All of this brings me to my stance on teenage and college-aged “bisexuals.” Most of them are a joke—a joke created by modern society. This sounds contradictory; I am an adolescent. I am only sixteen. Who is going to take me seriously? Well, I think people should take me seriously—this time, at least. My age is an advantage, because I am able to face these things in school or even within myself.

Many young people have a very fluid sexuality, especially in this time period. This is the time where the media and society has finally started to accept gays. It went up to the point that gays and lesbians are practically worshipped by straight and non-straight people alike. We also make a big fuss over "coming out of the closet." Everything here causes us to blindly accept gays without criticism. I think this is the reason why many people, even adults, quickly accept teens who come out as "gay" or even "bi." They're too afraid of hurting them. Think of the "suicide in an intolerant society" idea. This is what must be running through many people's heads. It's okay to be critical, but most people today are too emotional to handle that.

Mix that acceptance with the modern teenage mind. The teenager is typically curious and/or impulsive. They like rebelling against authority, normality, you name it. They also face confusion, which leads them to the gay/"bi" phase. Many of them find out their attraction to the same sex, and soon after that, they automatically announce it to the world. It's a very foolish thing to do. Many of them then realize they were actually straight in the long run. The "gay" thing was just based on confusion and experimentation.

The best thing to do is not to label yourself at this age. This labelling thing can also apply to other issues. Because of that, you should forget about finding a word that identifies you. Just live life and learn from it. Labels or no labels, you'll still develop an identity.

I hope this post doesn't sound incoherent. It's pretty hard to put many ideas into words.

With previous posts, I think some people have come to think of me as one of those "liberals--" basically the typical liberal. In my time here, I'm generally criticizing them. They are the ones who generally kiss liesexual ass. And they're a bit too emotional for me.

In other words, I'm on your side.

I know I made a tl;dr-type post. I just wanted to post my opinions, even if it's pretty long.
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