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bisexual more like liesexual am i rite

Just say NO to bisexuality

Man, I hate bisexuals
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Complain about us all you like, but until you bring it up to us in our own community, you're simply being a coward.

Disclaimer: Although submissions are moderated, we accept opposing viewpoints and will allow such discussion. However, Livejournal doesn't give community maintainers a practical way to delete numerous posts from one user, so our only option is to screen posts to make sure nobody spams the community. We feel that it's our duty to accept all posts that are not text/picture spam because we want to stimulate discussion and debate. That is all.

Okay, here's the deal. Obviously, we are an anti-bisexual community. We may like to joke around a lot and participate in trollish behavior, but this isn't really a joke community. Predictably it's pissed a lot of people off, but that wasn't the whole reason for creating it. We all hate the inane, long-lived trend of high school sluts parading themselves around as bisexual and making out with their female friends to attract attention from guys, or to feel "in" with the gay community, or just for plain old attention. We are sickened at how popular that is. Some of us take it further and think that bisexuality is a fake orientation, period, and that it is extremely rare ( < 1%) that a person would truly love and get sexual pleasure from men and women, equally, 50/50.

Those are our opinions, and we're allowed to have them and discuss them as much as we want in our little corner of Livejournal.

We'd really like to have more people who actually agree with us join. Usually the only people who bother joining are bisexuals coming in to tell us how awful we are. If you're offended by this, fine, but if you're going to post your opinions on it, it better not fit any of the following stereotypes too closely. We've seen them all a million times and if this keeps up we're going to start deleting and banning because they're getting really fucking old, really fucking fast. Either that or we'll just laugh at you for being a dumb, stereotypical cunt.

The Lecturing Hippie:

Starts off the post with a pussy disclaimer that he/she's too mature to flame us, so he/she's not going to. Also "respects our freedom of speech", blah blah blah. The body of it is a long, bloated speech on how bisexuality is real, and that they are bisexual, and love everybody for who they are, it's not about sex, et cetera. Often ends with he/she asking about why we would make this community, "out of sheer curiosity". This is the most frequent, and therefore obnoxious, troll post.

The e-Freud:

Pseudo-smartass who thinks there are no legitimate reasons for making this community; we are all just secretly bi and in denial, or we got dumped or something, and we have deep emotional problems and taking it out in a bad way. Nevermind that we are on the internet and he/she doesn't know half an iota about any of us. Major retard that probably can't spell psychology anyway. (And will probably try and miserably fail to be witty even further by making a post proving he/she can spell psychology after reading this.)

The 14-Year-Old AOLer:

Pretty self-explanatory---braindead middle schooler writes an incoherent flame about how we are all assholes and should be killed in the face. Ho-hum.

The Jealousy Jenius:

This pops up every now and then. Cross between e-Freud and 14-Year-Old AOLer. Thinks we are all "jealous" at the fact that they are bisexual, and therefore can get sex from both men and women. Nevermind that everybody in this community (the non-trolls anyway) is either attracted to just men or just women, and don't want sex from the other gender in the first place. Oh, and nevermind that they're confusing the terms "jealousy" and "envy". Nope, we're all JEALOUS!

The Kneejerk Liberal Dumbass:

Thinks we don't like bisexuals because we're all fundamentalist straight-laced conservatives who believe what the Bible says. Newsflash: We piss on the Bible. Nobody here is a Christian, nobody here hates homosexuals or thinks homosexual sex is morally wrong, you pinko fags.

The only correct definition of bisexuality, by Encyclopædia Dramatica


1. An attempt by college girls to prove how open they are with their sexuality, although they need to be reminded that holding hands and kissing isn't being "bisexual." You've gotta get in there and do the deed. For the boys, it's another attempt to prove that they're cool and "sensitive.", but they probably won't go for the cock when the time comes to suck.

2. A fag who has installed a window in his closet.

Note: There are no real bisexuals, even if they've usually made it out of college and into the real world.


Real bisexuals have this discernible common trait: they spend most of their free time demonstrating to everyone that they are not fake bisexuals. In all other respects they are identical to fake bisexuals.

Fake bisexuals are insane, depressed and suffer from a malady of internet diseases. They hate missing out on anything so they are ironically always thirty seconds too late. Their sexual indecision, more often than not, reflects their overall attitude to life. They are more often than not liars and white.

Any group of bisexuals will generally be a sorry crowd with one unifying characteristic: they're fucking ugly and can't get any, so they're forced into what they claim is bisexuality as a way of increasing their dismal chances. These groups' existence serve to compound real bisexuals' extreme difficulty in finding attractive, relatively stable dates. (Compare: swingers)


A step behind even fake bisexuals, legitimately bi-curious people with cock crave teh cock while those with pu55y crave teh pu55y, but are too chicken-shit to do anything about it. Others, however, like fake bisexuals are merely in it for the street cred (see, for example, Daddy's Money Lesbian).

Breeders often confess their bi-curiousity to fags in an attempt to create some kind of cocksucker solidarity. What they fail to realise, however, is that this is as lame as telling a black guy you once had a really deep tan.

See also: Attention whore

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